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While dealing with the issues of foundation, it is essential to understand the nature of problems. This function is continuously been carried out by Bay Crawl Space for years. The expert team with us can help the clients identify the sources of issues. This makes the client confident and comfortable in making decisions about his/her home foundations.

The settling of foundations could be an unapproachable case. This is due to the fact that it would bring up cost at high measurement. People have a natural intention to call the big bash when they see a clip fracture in the base floor-wall. What happens next? Site inspectors are sent by those big bulls, which will instigate you to make a hasty decision. On the contrary, we work on the principle of client education. Our representative will do the job of a consultant rather than an inspector. The party will be informed about the nature of the damage and what type of repairing is required to be done to these. After getting the client convinced about the whole affairs, we tell him/her how urgent the repairing is. We never speak anything about bucks that are going to be spent. We are principled to inform the customer about the money only after being asked.

You will need to consider multiple things We, as a consultant, feel it obligatory to remind you about the financial hardness before driving into the process. At the same time, we feel it a compulsion to let you know why our services are the best of all. We are the pride capacitor of a team who knows the requirement to make a commitment. Once a commitment is made, it is our motto to stick to the commitment. 

In the first instance, we will give you a technical diagnosis of the fault that has caused the failure of the foundation. Here is a synopsis of a foundation problem and its solution:

Cracked Bricks

Homes with cracked bricks may face a foundation problem. The solution to such a problem can only be provided by an expert repairer.

Cause of Cracked Bricks

Cracked bricks issue is mainly generated due to underground movement. The solid footing of the construction should be present in houses. This is a mandatory requirement especially for those places where soil movement is an issue. When the footing in your house gets cracked and settles by its own from the rest portion of the house, the occurrence will put a crack on the foundation of the home at the same time. The shrinking or shifting of soil might make the construction with compromised footings, demolish.


In order to manage the Cracked Bricks, our team member checks the condition of the bricks and may order its replacement if it is found that the bricks are of no use. The mortar joints in the bricks may also advise being ground. These are pointed again when the entire replacement is over. 

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